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Air Handlers

Air Handlers

An air handler circulates air through your home, working with both your heating and cooling parts of your HVAC system. It can help make your system more energy efficient and provide better air quality.

That's why at Watkins you can look at our price book. Our pricing is standardized and all the options are laid on the table for you. We believe that you should be the one to choose which air conditioning system is right for your family.

Purchasing a New Air Handler Should Be Easy. With Watkins, Here's How It Works:

  • Schedule An Appointment
    We will send out a Comfort Specialist to your home. On your schedule (evenings & Saturdays too).
  • Learn Everything You Need To Know
    We will take as much time as you need to become a well-informed buyer. This process could take from 45 minutes to a couple hours, but that's completely up to you.
  • Install The Right System For You
    With Watkins, you get your system installed with no shortcuts. We perform a thorough start-up to ensure your system lasts as long as it possibly can

Many homeowners faced with purchasing a new HVAC system dread the sales call process, and rightfully so. You shouldn't have to worry or stress about buying the wrong system for your home. You deserve a customized system that fits your needs - not those of your HVAC company.

With Watkins Heating & Cooling, our system designers work with you to educate you on your options and to put you in control. Have the confidence to make a smart decision and get back to living your life.

Preventative Maintenance

Whether you need a seasonal tune-up or not sure when your system was last checked, we can help. Keeping your systems in good working order is not only smart, but much more cost-effective than paying for repairs or replacement if repair is not possible.

  • Avoid frequent repairs and the likelihood for system failure
  • Maintain energy-efficiency and keep energy bills down
  • Keep your air clean and healthy

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